Show your work.

Gain new skills.

Build your online presence.

With OU Create, you can create a blog or an online portfolio where you track what you’ve been learning, submit assignments and show employers that you’re ready to work with them. It’s a great way for students to get a career head start before they even leave education.

Kick-start Your Career

Stand out in a competitive job market with a solid track record

  • Create a professional portfolio
  • Post your ideas and reflection
  • Submit selected assignments as WordPress blog posts
Used by large and small companies all over the world
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Percentage of all websites that rely on a CMS (Content Management System) choose WordPress
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The number of new WordPress sites being built every day. On average, 17 posts are published every second.
Digital Citizenship

Becoming a creator makes you a better digital citizen

By creating blog posts, media and online content, you uncover opportunities to increase your awareness and understanding of important digital issues such as copyright literacy, data protection, spotting fake news and contributing to Open Educational Resources.

All of this goes a long way to making a fairer, more equal society both online and in your local community.

Tell the world about you

With OU Create you can create a blog, portfolio or other website to show employers, collaborators, and educators what you know and how you’ve developed overtime. It’s a great way to evidence what you learn as you make your way through your education and start your career.

Become a Better Digital Citizen

We’re all part of an increasinly inter-connected, digital world. By becoming a creator on the web, you have the chance to understand how you fit into this online world, gain new respect for intellectual property, better identify sources of false information online.

Skills Development

While WordPress does most of the technical lifting, it still takes a lot of skill to make a website effective. By publishing your work online, you’ll find yourself improving on marketable skills including planning, writing, design, communication, research and digital literacy.

Create in the Classroom

Set online assignments and open up global horizons for your students

OU Create allows educators to assign digital, web-based work for their students including blog posts, portfolio pieces, and peer feedback. Research suggests that students are more engagedwhen writing for the web vs writing for their educator. By adapting your assignments to blogging and portfolio work, you can encourage students to develop a professional presence online as well as become better digital citizens.


Students feel more engaged when writing for their peers or for a potential audience on the web. Closed communities are also possible for those who are uncomfortable sharing their work publicly.

Information Literacy

Research shows that students writing articles for the web or for Wikipeida are better able to determine the validity of sources of information online.

Digital Citizenship

Web publishing helps students to become more aware of their online presence, evaluate materials they find online and feel more confident in collaborating with others online.

Open Knowledge

Web publishing allows students to contribute to a growing body of Open Education Resources.

Need more help?

We’ve put together a support section with information on registration, site creation, troubleshooting tips and more to help you if get stuck using OU Create.

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