OU Create Training Events

Trainings are offered for OU Create each semester. During these sessions, participants will learn about OU Create and how it functions. Example use cases will be provided to demonstrate how individuals are currently utilizing OU Create to manage their courses, interact with other professionals, and communicate their work to the world. These are just a handful of ways you can use your own domain.

Participants will also have the opportunity to walkthrough the setup processes for OU Create in the presence of a trainer. During this time, the trainer will be able to answer your questions and get you started with your own domain, installing a web application, and accessing that web application from the internet.

At the conclusion of one of these training sessions, you will be ready to start working (and playing) with your domain. Build your own research website, start a blog, or create a professional portfolio with OU Create!

If you plan to attend one of the in-person training sessions, please bring your own laptop computer to work on.

WordPress is one of the most used website creation tools on OU Create. From student blogs to creative portfolios and research project websites, WordPress is being utilized in many forms of web presence. As a result of its popularity, more in-depth training is now available for those interested in learning more about using WordPress professionally or instructionally: