Migrate to Reclaim Hosting

To migrate your domain from OU Create to Reclaim Hosting, you will need to access your cPanel.  Login at the top right of the page at create.ou.edu (with your OUNetID (4×4) and password). If you have already graduated and the login to your Create account no longer works, skip down a couple of paragraphs to the next section.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the cPanel interface. Now click on the ‘Manage Your Account’ menu at the top of your screen and select ‘Migration Information.’

Next click on the ‘Get Started’ button in the Migration Offer region of the screen.

Finally, fill out the form to sign up and pay for Reclaim Hosting’s services.

If your Create login no longer works

If you have graduated or otherwise left OU, your Create login may have been deactivated. You can still migrate your account by following these steps:

Step 1

The first step will be to sign up for an account at Reclaim Hosting. This link will take you directly to their Student/Individual Hosting plan option.

  • If you already have a Top-Level domain (i.e. yourdomain.com) choose the I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers option.
  • If your current website content exists on a subdomain (i.e. yourdomain.oucreate.com), select the Register a New Domain option.
    • Enter a new top-level domain name

Complete the sign-up process/pay invoice. If you’d like to take advantage of a 10% discount, enter the promo code reclaim4edu.

Step 2

Send a support request to support@reclaimhosting.com with the following message:

Hello Reclaim Hosting Support,
I am graduating from the University of Oklahoma and I would like to migrate my account, (your domain), to Reclaim Hosting. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.
(Your Name)

A member of Reclaim Hosting support will respond & help you get your account migrated within 24 hrs.

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