Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about OU Create? Of course you do! The best place to find the answers is the FAQ page. Many common inquiries are provided on this page just for you! In addition to finding the answers, the FAQ page offers links to many other resources to provide you with support for all of your OU Create needs.

A: OU Create is a project at the University of Oklahoma managed by the Office of Digital Learning.

OU Create offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to register a domain (.com, .org, .net) and create a digital presence through various mediums such as blogs, portfolios, and wikis. Students can easy install popular open source applications such as WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, and Omeka on their space giving them an unlimited amount of ways to creatively express and create their digital identity.

A: There is a free subdomain option for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Oklahoma. This free subdomain looks like [freesubdomain]

Alternatively, a custom domain can be acquired through this initiative for $12/year. This custom domain looks like [customdomain].com (can also end in .org or .net).

A: Create a blog, or a personal website, or your very own wiki page for collaboration! These are just a few examples of what is possible with an OU Create account.

The most popular OU Create use case are websites and blogs created with WordPress.

Support Documentation

The OU Create documentation is the best place to find detailed information related to the program. This documentation can be used to figure out how to set up your domain, and it will equip you with the knowledge required to install WordPress onto your URL. Keep this resource handy whenever you are making changes within your cPanel or about to launch a new web application!

LinkedIn Learning

If you are interested in learning more about Create’s web building tools WordPress and Drupal, you can find helpful tutorials through LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is a great place for beginners to learn new web development skills!