Dear God, I think we need to have a chat. This whole guardian angels thing isn’t working. I think they are missing part of the message. It is like they are unable to hear words like no, not, nothing, and never. Are the frustrations your children experience as a result of this communication issue for your amusement or just a cosmic fluke? I think it really would be helpful if you would return my texts, no burning bush necessary, I am fairly confident that the modern digital filters on cellular phones will be sufficient cosmic distance for us to hold this conversation and reach a mutual understanding based in love and trust. Or just route it through all the cell towers in China if you are concerned for my safety. Because right now the world, you know Earth, that blue green warmish wet world three rocks out from Sol, is pretty sure you hate us or that someone has hijacked your control crystal or whatever you use to focus your all power into the universe. It would just be great to hear from you that there is a plan and it will be ok, someday. We are just very confused right now. Loving you lots. Sincerely,Kaliera

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