Some facts: It has been a recognized fact that SARS-CoV-19 enters the human cells it infects by interacting with ACE2 receptor protein. It has been an observed fact that males get this disease and tend to die from it more then females. It is a fact that the gene that codes for ACE2 is on the X-chromosome. It is a biological fact that male cells have ONE X chromosome and that female cells have TWO X chromosomes. It is a fact that natural variation occurs in genes and their products (i.e. proteins). A bit of logic and application of some basic facts of biology: Therefore, it is logical that ALL of the ACE2 receptors in men are of one type while females may have more then one type. Therefore it is logical that the surface of the cells in males that SARS-CoV-19 attach to identical ACE2 receptor proteins and that there is no competition with a different type of ACE2 receptor. It is possible (but not a guarantee) for women to have 2 types of ACE2 receptors depending on the gene variability in any population. The hypothesis: I suspect that we will hear in coming days/weeks that there are specific variations in the ACE2 receptor encoding gene on the X chromosome that makes anyone with it more susceptible to this infection and increased risk to death. However since men only get one version they have no competing ACE2 receptor to slow its infection and propagation rate down to manageable levels. For a parallel comparison to understand this x-chromosome hypothesis of male illness read up on hemophilia. Males get one copy of the poor clotting factor and girls have to get two to have the illness. I am NOT saying that hemophilia and ACE2 susceptibility are on the same X- chromosome, only that the gene inheritance pattern is similar. Please remember I have a background in chemistry and biochemistry, masters degrees even. I am not making this guess lightly. Go ahead and research the facts above for yourself. People are looking for answers and while science is being done most researchers don’t show their cards until they have a winning hand, their funding demands it. Not being in that particular rat race anymore this is my current best guess and I having nothing to defend except the reputation of my own mind. Just if someone does pick up this idea and it goes somewhere just leave me the acknowledgement when you do publish. That is good enough for me. Be safe everyone.

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